Here’s a nice video of the VeinViewer in action. Designed to allow doctors to see under the skin for injections et al, it’s quite a trip to see the sweet blood of the innocents pulsing only microns below the surface of their supple skin.

Juliann Keiper doesn’t like blood tests. Like many, she has hard-to-find veins, “I can’t stand them poking around my arm trying to find my veins.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if the nurse had X-ray vision where she could see your veins with the naked eye?

Breakthrough technology uses infrared light to make blood look darker and all other tissue lighter. Roxanne Bischofberger is a cardiovascular technician and says the contrast makes vein access easier and less painful, “With the use of the Vein Viewer and its ability to image, capture an image of the vein and project it on the surface of the skin like a road map, you are sticking the patient once.”

Vein Viewer inventor Herbert Zeman says cutting down on the number of needle sticks is very important, “Especially for pediatric patients, over 50% of pediatric patients have very hard-to-find veins.”

Time magazine named Zeman’s Vein Viewer the coolest invention of 2004. Luminetx CEO James Phillips says the device could be it available early next year, “We’re in the process of literally cueing up a number of the top medical institutions and physicians around the world to receive the product.”

The Vein Viewer could have other uses down the road in vascular surgery and in the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins.

Video here.