Drinking cow’s urine is the latest fad in a health conscious Indian city.

Cow’s urine is recommended by yoga and homeopathy experts as a cure for a range of ailments.

The Calcutta Telegraph says sales have gone through the roof in the city of Hyderabad.

Nirmal Kumar, a meditation and yoga expert, says: “Earlier, people felt insulted when I recommended it. Now, not only my students but their family members, too, consume it.”

Balagopala Swamy, who stocks cow urine at his counter in Indira Park, added: “Most of our customers are diabetics and cancer patients.”

The newspaper says cowshed owners, who now advertise cow’s urine in local newspapers, are laughing all of the way to the bank.

Ananda Mai said: “We have been supplying cow urine to select clients in the past.

“But it is only since the last two months that the demand has grown and even common people are coming in search of it. We just filter it and sell it in bottles.”

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