Details have leaked out about a prototype Numark DJ mixer that can mix two iPods. I know what you’re thinking: Wow, what a scoop! Where are the lawyers? Is it a fake?

In fact, in a gesture of spectacularly poor industrial secrecy, it seems Numark showed off an early prototype at the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt. (see the discussion at skratchworx that was the source of the ‘rumor’; via engadget) Later in the show, head honchos asked that visitors not take photos, but not earlier in the show; hence we have a couple of images from German hip hop site WebBeatz.

Prototype rendering shows some fascinating features, at least in concept, like integrated iPod controls and scratchpad, and a gorgeous design
Photo of the shown prototype shows the Pods would connect via the dock connector, but the prototype looks to be visual only / non-working

So, what’s the mixer itself? It’s not clear: it’s an early prototype. In one of the photos of the actual prototype, the iPods aren’t even plugged in. Conceptually, though, the idea is interesting, and aside from allowing basic DJ mixing and crossfading, a buffer could grab audio from the audio for brief scratching. Apparently pitch control is possible, too, though limited, and it’s not clear how they might fix iPod cueing; in other words, all the normal limitations of the iPod for DJing apply. Don’t expect this to ship any time soon.

We’ll continue to follow this story, including a check-in by CDM’s resident DJ, DJ Eldorado.

In the meantime, people continue partying with their iPods, special mixer or no — more Playlist parties in London and Philly are slated for this month.

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