It’s just one week until the Electronic Entertainment Expo, when the video-game industry descends on Los Angeles for the world’s most spectacular trade show — one that promises to pack a one-two-three punch to the industry.

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are all expected to divulge reams of details on the next generation of video-game consoles, all three of which are expected to hit the market over the next year and a half.

Of the three companies, Microsoft should have the most detailed showing. That’s because Gates and Co. are expected to release the Xbox 360 this November. Bucking industry convention, the new console will debut not at E3 but on an MTV special that will air Thursday.

The program, called MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed, has already been taped. (Predictably, audience members snuck out of the taping with pictures of the console and accessories.)

Most major software publishers are expected to unveil Xbox 360 titles at E3, many of which will be playable on the show floor. And industry experts suggest that the Xbox 360 will pack many functions that will take the machine beyond simple gameplay.

By Chris Kohler

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