A German restaurant claims to be fully booked for weeks after adding maggots to the menu.

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Dishes at the Espitas restaurant in Dresden include maggot ice cream, maggot salads and maggot cocktails.

The restaurant is importing the “nutritious and extremely tasty” maggots from Mexico.

Espitas owner Alexander Wolf said: “We are the first in the world as far as I know to start importing them.

“What started out as a bit of a joke has exceeded all expectations. We started serving them about a month ago, and now we have guests spreading the word to their friends, and we are now fully booked for weeks ahead.

“Most are disgusted but try them out of curiosity or for a dare, and are actually amazed at how good they taste. Many people come back again, and usually bring more friends with them.

“We serve maggot salads, fried maggots with cactus and corn, maggot desserts such as maggots in ice cream or chocolate sauce, and of course maggot cocktails.

“The maggots have proved to be such a success, that I now preparing my next project: a delicious traditional Mexican dish of ant eggs and grasshoppers in several variations.”

Teenager Sarah Azubi, 17, said: I had them deep fried, they were crunchy like chips and tasted a bit like nuts, with a soft juicy bit in the middle around a crunchy shell.”

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