A man had his leg saved from amputation after his dog licked it better.

Mitch Bonham, 45, was told he would lose the limb after it began turning black following an accident while in the Royal Navy.

But then his Jack Russell Milo began to lick Mitch’s leg for up to four hours a day.

When he returned to the doctor he told him it was healed reports The Sun.

Mitch, 45, from Barry, South Wales, believes the condition Sudeks Atrophy which affected his right leg up to the knee was caused by a broken toe he suffered when a heavy anchor chain fell on his foot.

Mitch said: “The consultant told me that in licking my leg for such long periods Milo had stimulated the nerves and helped the oxygen get into my leg.

“One day I felt my toe twitch. It was like the muscles in my leg were being reactivated – I had been told this could happen if my leg was getting better, but I couldn’t let myself hope that it really was.

“When the consultant saw my leg again he said ‘My God – what have you been doing?’ He said it was incredible, my dog had saved my leg. Then he told me I didn’t need to come back, just let Milo carry on doing what he did best and go back to my GP in future.”

Mitch, a systems support engineer, added: “We had a celebration that night even though I had a long way to go. Milo had a big juicy bone as a thank you for what he had done.”

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