Violet Blue is one of the best sex writers of our time. She’s also a geek, and that makes her a particular favorite of mine.

Hey, any girl who can build robots all day, read 200 sex blogs twice a week and then write about them (adult content), author a dozen best-selling sex books and still have energy to actually have sex earns a gold star from me.

Thus, it’s no surprise that when dorkbot decided to host a presentation for its members about the current state of teledildonics, they asked Blue to step into the spotlight. The result will be a hands-on demo of the Thrillhammer, the first commercial teledildonic sex machine, in cooperation with the Museum of Sex in New York City, which houses the machine Blue will use for the event.

The demo will take place in a small venue with limited capacity. In fact, when the organizers heard that I was writing about it, they considered rescheduling to an undisclosed date, so worried were they about unexpected crowds.

I reassured them that no Sex Drive reader is going to crash their private event. Still, for those lucky enough to be invited to attend, Blue’s presentation is bound to be eye-opening — even if she herself is a little worried.

“I’ve never had sex with a girl I don’t know,” she says. “But being in front of everyone is the most nerve-racking. When I go to sex parties, I usually just sip wine or beer and watch. I’m total voyeur. I’ve never done a sex act in front of an audience. And I’m definitely not taking my clothes off!”

Still, she sees the event as a chance to put her skills to the test — both the robotic and the erotic. “We’re going all the way,” she says.

By Regina Lynn

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