A poll of 1,500 women in Britain and five other countries finds that 22 percent would consider having both breasts removed if they were at high risk for cancer.

The Times of London reports that the figure was even higher in Britain, with 31 percent of those asked saying they would choose a double mastectomy. NOP World conducted the survey in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Germany and Italy for Cancer Research UK.

About 80 percent of the 41,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Britain are post-menopausal. Cancer Research UK is setting up a trial to determine if women who are both postmenopausal and at high risk of breast cancer can reduce their risk by taking anastrozole, a drug already used for treatment.

The IBIS-II study is extremely important for women with an increased risk of developing breast cancer, said Jack Cuzick, the lead researcher. It is vitally important that women come forward to participate. It could provide them with a valuable option in helping to control breast cancer.

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