A new breed of ultra-feminine straight men has arrived that make the metrosexual look like a rugged caveman.

Variously called “mirls” – male girls – or “hermaphrodudes”, they’re not afraid to carry a manbag, wear feminine jewellery, spend a fortune on fashion or work in traditionally female jobs.

Yet when it comes to romance they remain committed to pursuing the opposite sex.

While metrosexuals could be identified by their pink T-shirts and occasional moisturiser, hermaphrodudes take it a step further, wear pink scarfs and work in women’s fashion and lingerie shops.

In recognition of the mirl revolution, female fashion chain Sportsgirl released a line of “boy jewellery” specifically for guys.

Sportsgirl spokeswoman Prue Murphy said the line of wood and bead necklaces, bracelets and leather chokers and wrist straps had sold well.

“Girls would buy them for their boyfriends or a guy might come in with his girlfriend and see them and take an interest,” she said.

“Guys are definitely taking much more care in the way they look and it’s not considered bad to be wearing bracelets.”

New research by youth forecaster Lifelounge shows urban lads spend only slightly less on fashion than females of the same age.

Nearly half of males between 16 and 29 spend more than $150 a month on fashion, and nearly one in five spends more than $250.

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