Surprised doctors in Florida found a bullet lodged in the tongue of a male patient who had checked himself into the hospital complaining of a bad headache.

Wendell Coleman, 47, of Jacksonville, northeast Florida, said he woke up on Tuesday with a terrible head pain and checked himself into hospital.

A doctor then noted that Mr Coleman had difficulty speaking and that his lips appeared to be badly swollen and marked with powder burns. Upon further examination, the doctor discovered the bullet lodged in Mr Coleman’s tongue.

A startled Mr Coleman told police he had no idea he had been shot.

Mr Coleman told police he had been talking to a couple in a parked car on Monday when a man pulled out a handgun, pressed it against his mouth. Mr Coleman said he heard the gun fire, but that he went home and went to bed.

Police have yet to identify a suspect. Mr Coleman suffered no other injuries from the bizarre incident.

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