Fujitsu Limited today announced the global launch of its contactless palm vein authentication device for biometric authentication security.

Fujitsu aims to establish a de facto standard in the area of high security biometric authentication with its palm vein authentication technology, and from July this year will collaborate with its group companies in North America, Europe, and Asia to aggressively drive its palm vein authentication business in these regions, with other regions to follow.

Global market research conducted by Fujitsu indicates that as in Japan, there is growing demand and great interest worldwide, ranging from governmental and private sectors to personal use, for Fujitsu’s contactless palm vein authentication technology. Fujitsu’s palm vein authentication technology offers advanced biometric authentication security that is extremely difficult to breach and has advanced features that give this technology an edge over alternative methods of biometric security.

In addition to being contactless and thereby hygienic and user-friendly in that the user does not need to physically touch a surface and is free of such hygiene concerns, Fujitsu’s palm vein authentication is highly secure in that the veins are internal to the body and carry a wealth of information, thereby being extremely difficult to forge. Fujitsu’s palm vein authentication features a high rate of applicability across users in that impact from external factors during the authentication process is minimal. Such features of Fujitsu’s palm vein authentication overcome these technical issues and hygiene issues which are often of concern when using alternative biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint biometric authentication. The high accuracy rate(1) of Fujitsu’s palm vein authentication offers industry-leading security.

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