The rich die differently from the rest of humanity, including with less pain, a University of Michigan study shows.

For example, wealthier people are less likely than poor ones to suffer pain at the end of their lives, says the study appearing in the August issue of the Journal for Palliative Care.

Wealthier elders also experienced a lower number of symptoms overall, the study found. Those in the wealthiest half of the elderly population not only had less pain, but were less likely to suffer from shortness of breath and depression.

Still, both rich and poor older Americans suffered more than expected in their last year of life, the researchers concluded.

Fatigue was the most common symptom, experienced by 57 percent of those who died.

The study was based on an analysis of data on 2,604 men and women age 70 or older who died between 1993 and 2000.

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