Jim Carroll: I’ve been doing quite a few presentations within the telecom sector. I still find a lot of senior management and staff don’t get the sheer depth of the massive change sweeping the industry.

Here’s a list I’ve put together that outlines the reshaping of the industry — and which will mean that a good number of organizations in the industry today won’t exist tomorrow.

1.) Everything commoditizes — and business plans require radical, instant surgery as a result

2.) New competitors continue to emerge overnight — agility and flexibility are the keys to survival

3.) Hyper-innovation means that you must plan for tomorrows’ market right now — and that market will last only six months at best — before being obsoleted by the next market advance

4.) Rapidly evolving technology results in a battle for skills – those who can access specialized global telecom talent are the survivors

5.) Telecom service offshores to Asia — new telco’s start to serve global customers at rock bottom prices — as offshore telecom takes hold as a real business model. Think mainstream carriers can compete?

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