MONEY magazine and CNN/Money spent months looking for Great American Towns — where you would want to raise your children and celebrate life’s milestones. And Louisville, Colorado, the home of the DaVinci Institute, was named in the top five.

Starting with more than 1,300 cities, they settled on 10 winners.

1. Moorestown, NJ

2. Bainbridge Isl., WA

3. Naperville, IL

4. Vienna, VA

5. Louisville, CO

6. Barrington, RI

7. Middleton, WI

8. Peachtree City, GA

9. Chatham, NJ

10. Mill Valley, CA

Louisville, Colorado –
Many small towns define themselves by their proximity to a nearby city. Not so Louisville (pronounced Lewisville).

Though they’re 25 miles from sprawling Denver and just six miles from the hip college mecca of Boulder, people here talk about their hometown like it’s a refuge, not a suburb. “We wanted to get away from the congestion and crowds in Boulder,” says Jessica Wible, 38, who moved to Louisville with her family three years ago.

The downtown is a no-stoplight street lined with 100-year-old wood buildings in which you will find eclectic stores and coffee shops that offer tarot readings. The trip to McCaslin Boulevard, the major shopping area, is a short hop on uncrowded roads.

This being Colorado, great skiing, hiking, rock climbing and golfing are no more than an hour’s drive.

Paradise, though, comes at a price. The area suffered in the last technology downturn, and it will in the next one.

Take in the view of the Rocky Mountains from a Louisville home, however, and it’s clear why people roll the dice on the economy. “I would ask my employees to move out here for a couple of years, and they would never go back,” says Arlin Lehman, who owned a medical equipment business and now heads up the Downtown Business Association.

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