A recent survey of mainland British women suggests more than half of those aged 25 to 45 plan to undergo cosmetic surgery.

The survey, commissioned by Britain’s Grazia magazine, said 54 percent of those interviewed indicated they will have cosmetic surgery.

The report was based on interviews with 1,000 women across England, Scotland and Wales with an average age of 34. It found as many as 11 percent had already undergone such procedures — including nose, breast and lip cosmetic surgery, the Daily Mail said.

Of those considering the move, 64 percent believed it would give them more confidence, 42 percent wanted to look younger and 13 percent said they wanted to look more attractive to men.

But the Daily Mail said fears of botched operations were high, with 4 percent of those taking part in the magazine’s Cosmetic Surgery Survey of Great Britain saying the prospect did not worry them.

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