Sharp has released that they will soon release products that will “allow viewers sitting to the right and left of a screen to watch different channels.”

Sharp, the world’s top maker of LCD televisions, has been embroiled in a legal dispute with AU over patents for PC-use LCDs and has also sued an AU affiliate in Japan, claiming infringement on its technology for larger panels used in flat TVs.

A spokesman at Osaka-based Sharp said the agreement involves cross-licensing of patents for PC-use LCD panels only and would last for five years starting this month. The legal battle over larger displays would continue, he said.

“With this agreement we have been able to ensure the protection of our intellectual property rights,” the Sharp spokesman said. “This should also allow us to end the patent dispute over PC-use LCDs.”

Patent lawsuits involving Japanese electronics makers and their Asian rivals are becoming increasingly common as competition intensifies in the rapidly growing flat panel display market.

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