Amy Gahran: This morning I participated in an early-morning panel on blogging hosted at the Denver Press Club by Business Wire. The audience was about 40 or so PR professionals from the Denver area. Listen here.

Here’s who was on the panel, and what we discussed…

Aside from myself, the panel included:

Usher Lieberman, business-to-business practice director, The Usher Group

Greg Reinacker, CTO, Newsgator Technologies Inc.

Linda Seebach, columnist, The Rocky Mountain News.

(Moderator) Bob Mook, Denver Business Journal

The topic was very loose – basically anything about how weblogs, are affecting and overlapping with the news media and PR.

Linda, Usher, and Greg all gave brief introductory remarks before it was my turn. I wish I’d recorded those opening remarks, but honestly I only remembered to start recording when it was my turn. The audio quality is fairly comprehensible, but not very professional. Still, I think it’s good enough to understand what’s being said.

Links mentioned in this recording:

DaVinci Institute’s Podcasting Bootcamp: July 21, 2005, Westminster, CO. I’m one of the speakers.

More here.