Around 1,500 volunteers stripped naked and walked the streets of Newcastle and Gateshead in the name of art. Complete photo gallery,

American artist Spencer Tunick cordoned off a section of the quaysides to create his latest piece of nude art.

Volunteers, including Tunick fans who follow his work around the world, pre-registered for the event from Australia, Belgium and Peru.

From dawn, people gathered by the Baltic Gallery in Gateshead, before stripping off in the car park.

They were marshalled into different poses using a loud speaker, at five locations on both sides of the River Tyne.

They crossed the iconic Millennium Bridge, walked along the Newcastle quayside and lay down or stood by the city’s crown courts.

Mr Tunick said: “I needed 1,500 people to make this installation work and so I am happy.

“I had to fill up Dean Street and I needed enough to make a thin sliver of bodies. I got everything I needed and more.”

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