Dave Taylor: I was pleased last week to speak on why I didn’t think much of podcasting at the recent DaVinci Institute Podcasting Bootcamp event. Surrounded by people who were doing smart and interesting things with this new medium, however, I started to have some doubts, but when it was time to take the stage, I managed to come up with an idea or two worthy of discussion.

And, to show that I can eat even the proverbial dogfood I might not like, I used my own audio recording equipment to record my 12 minute talk and am making it available here for your own listening pleasure as my first ostensible podcast.

The gist of my argument is that…

Podcasting is Boring

How do avoid the “podcasts are boring” problem?

How do you avoid the persistence challenge, where the number of podcasters who make it past their third or fourth show are miniscule (just as the vast majority of bloggers last about 3-8 entries then give up)?

How many nationally recognized radio personalities are there, compared to the number of people trying to break into the radio talk show industry? What does that tell us about the difficulty of being an interesting voice-only personality?

What if you just don’t have anything interesting to say?

What happens when everyone on the planet has their own radio show?

Tip: If you want to be a good podcaster, spend a lot of time listening to commercial or public radio. Listen to timing, intonation, give and take of a good interview program.

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