Men, apparently, prefer beauty to come naturally. A poll of 10,000 single British men found 68 per cent preferred fresh-faced women rather than those plastered in make-up.

It didn’t, however, take into account those women who claim to need a caseload of cosmetics simply to achieve that no-make-up look.

Ninety-three per cent of British women use some kind of cosmetics. Some use up to 20 different products as part of their daily routine.

In fact, Britons spend $13 billion a year on cosmetics. The research, by dating website, found some female assumptions about men were far from the truth.

Many women believe men are intimidated by successful women. However, the poll of men under 45 found 67 per cent were most attracted to confident, powerful women.
The belief that men always prefer to make the first move towards romance was also shattered. Fifty-nine per cent of men said they would be delighted if women took the initiative.

Most women harbour the belief that men hate shopping.

But the survey found 54 per cent did not mind it if they were on their own or with their friends.

Yet some of the more traditional views that women have about men did appear to have merit.

Most men preferred women with long hair, and the majority liked to decide where to go on a first date.

Eight out of ten said they liked a curvy figure, however they did not want their partner to be overweight or fat.

Psychologist Linda Papadopolous was intrigued that men preferred women without make-up.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s bare-faced appearance at the recent Glastonbury festival is a natural example.

Ms Papadopolous pointed out even Tony Blair has been revealed as wearing a considerable amount himself. “Surely that shows it is OK for everyone,” she said.

Lorraine Adams, from the website, said: “Men say they do prefer women who don’t wear make-up, but do they really?

“Half of them would probably run a mile if they actually saw a lot of women without their make-up.

“They like the idea of natural beauty, but that might not be the same thing as being make-up free.”

She said the revelation that men liked confident, successful women would also surprise many.

“You always get women who say that men are intimidated by them, but that is one of the biggest excuses. It is so easy to say but most of the time it is actually an excuse for other problems.”

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