Have you ever run across a piece of artwork so stunning that you suddenly lost track of what you were doing? Steven Martiniere has a way of grabbing hold of your imagination like few others. Amazing artwork.

In the past 15 years, Stephan has become known for his talent, versatility, imagination and professionalism, gaining constant recognition and praise through his work in a growing range of clients and projects.

Stephan has worked for three years as visual art director at Cyan, the creators of Myst, on their games Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, Uru: The Path of the Shell and the upcoming Myst 5.

As an illustrator and animation director, Stephan has won numerous Awards including:

– A Master Award and five Excellence Awards from Ballistic Media’s Expose 3,

– Two Master Awards and one Excellence Award from Ballistic Media’s Exposé 2,

– The British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Cover of 2004,

– A Silver Award for Editorial in 1997 and a Gold Award in 2004 from Spectrum,
A Thea Award for his work on the Paramount theme park Super Saturator in 2001.

As a director for the animated special “Madeline,” Stephan won the Humanitas Award, the A.C.T Award and the Parent’s Choice Award
and was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Stephan is currently the visual design director for Midway Games.

Here are a just a few of his works.
This is my favorite.