A new bikini which bleeps to prevent holidaymakers from burning while sleeping in the sun was shown off in Britain.

The invention could stop the traditional ghastly seaside sight of bright-red Britons on beaches across the world.

New Look, Britain’s third-biggest women’s clothes retailer, was to launch the Tan-Timer Bikini on Brighton beach on the south coast.

Some 59 percent of Britons admit to nodding off in the sun, so the electronic device, which attaches to the swimsuit, bleeps every quarter of an hour to remind dozy Brits to wake up and seek shade or roll over to toast the other side.

The bikini is to hit stores across the kingdom next week.

“As well as the health implication of over-exposing your skin to the sun, burnt or peeling skin is not a good look for the image-conscious,” said New Look’s marketing director Hash Ladha.

“With 56 percent of men finding sunburnt peeling skin unattractive, we hope the Tan-Timer Bikini will help our customers avoid that mistake and feel confident when slipping on their summer dresses.”

A spokeswoman for the company said a male version could be in the pipeline.