A hooded man has been dubbed Britain’s stupidest thief after stealing from a CCTV shop.

The man was caught on eight separate surveillance cameras as he targeted the shop in Manchester and stole a laptop computer worth £700.

He chose to raid the store despite numerous signs around the store warning that closed circuit television cameras were in operation.

CCTV images show the man from every single angle – one frame shows him handling a door, which forensic experts believe will provide them with a perfect set of fingerprints.

There are even pictures of him looking through the shop window half an hour earlier, jumping up to get a better look.

Owner of the shop, David Arathoon, 54, has said the thief’s actions are proving “the biggest boost to business imaginable”.

He said: “I didn’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed, and in the end I did both.”

Mr Arathoon told the Daily Star: “Frame by frame, cameras filmed him around the shop. The stupidity to think stealing from a CCTV shop is a good idea is astonishing.”

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