Dave Taylor:
I’ve enjoyed working with Thomas Frey and the rest of the DaVinci Institute on various events, and am excited to be co-hosting the Blogger Boot Camp this Saturday – August 27th – just outside of metro Denver, Colorado.

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First off, here’s the official shtick:

“Blogs are leveling the content playing field, enabling individuals to amass large online audiences—often times larger, and more vocal, than the online efforts made by well known media giants. By making it easy for anyone with a computer to publish their ideas, blogs are inviting unprecedented amounts of online interaction and knowledge sharing. For business professionals, they are an invaluable source of real-time information and commentary, as well as a tool for self-promotion. For companies, they can be a powerful tool for connecting with consumers.”

But if you’re reading this article, you already know all about blogs and how they’re changing the very face of business, reinventing corporate communications and streamlining everything from customer support to public relations.

I just got back from San Francisco, where I was privileged to co-chair the very successful Blog Business Summit. Is business blogging really important? Well, companies ranging from Intel, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Adobe, Boeing and General Motors were represented at the Summit, all trying to learn more about how to be smart and effective business bloggers.

Getting involved with the so-called blogosphere is important even if your company isn’t planning any sort of weblog, because other bloggers are already talking about your product, service and company and it’s imperative you know how to track the discussions and get involved.

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