Thomas Frey: Over the years the DaVinci Institute has served as the launching pad for many new businesses, the latest of which is a very unique enterprise called Intellagon. In it’s present alpha phase, Intellagon is comprised of a series of directories and its own blogsite. The next phase will be to turn it into a participative wiki-based operation where the whole world will be asked to join in and make critical decisions about our future.

If you’re a person who is concerned about the world changing too quickly around us, we don’t happen to agree with you. In fact, we’re the guys with our foot firmly planted on the accelerator, pushing it to go faster.

But while we’re out there attempting to peg the speedometer of change, we also believe its important to create a common vision for the future.

Today, the future just happens. No one is in control. Few people are doing any serious planning. It just happens. Guys working in their garage can invent something that radically distracts us from the things that are much more important.

Where are the flying cars and the space hotels? Where is the cure for cancer and diabetes? Where are the holographic displays and 3-D video recorders? Where is the technology for controlling hurricanes? Too many things are holding us back.

If you search your history books, you will find that at one time salt was an extremely valuable commodity. So valuable in fact that at one point it was used as a form of money. Today we have a similar thing going on with oil. Oil has become so valuable and precious that it has become its own form of money.

But we don’t need oil. We need the energy produced by oil which can come from a number of different sources. Oil itself is a very primitive form of energy, and in its current incarnation is a giant millstone around our necks impeding progress on many fronts.

Eventually oil will become as valuable as salt is today… not very.

If you are old enough to remember back to the time of dirt roads, you will remember how painful it was to take long trips. You felt every bump in the road. That’s kinda the way we experience change today.

So as you go to bed tonight and think about the guys with their foot on the accelerator of change, just remember the dirt roads and Model Ts of the past will soon be gone and the speed lanes of the future will allow us to experience the world ahead from the comfort of our next generation Maserati.

Stay tuned, we’ll be arriving shortly.

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