A personal computer may no longer be required to email pictures. A new camera will allow emailing pictures directly.

The new camera from Kodak with Wi-Fi technology will enable users to email high quality images and store the shots automatically in an online image bank, reports online edition of New Scientist.

The new EasyShare-one camera will have direct connection to the Internet via a public Wi-Fi hotspot or a home Wi-Fi system.

Sixty percent of digital photographers do not upload their pictures to a personal computer. This is because they do not know how to do it, cannot be bothered or are away from home, Kodak research suggests.

“People go on holiday, fill up the memory card, then delete their pictures and start again,” says Philippe Kalmbach, Kodak’s marketing director in Europe.

The same research shows that 70 percent of digital snap shooters never share pictures. If they use a camera phone to send pictures, the Multimedia Messaging System they use restricts the file size.

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