Drew Crouch: Who speaks and acts for the future? Who among us advocates for generations to come and the world that will be – taking positive steps to create a better tomorrow? There are a multitude of groups who work on behalf of current, very worthy causes. Many groups dedicated to memorializing the past. But what about the future?

Unfortunately, there is no group focused on this task. Therefore, we choose to undertake this critical task. Intellagon is the vehicle we will use to pursue this goal of a better future.

How should we unfold the future we envision and desire? What methods will prove effective? Humans commonly focus on the past and present. On solving yesterday’s, and last year’s, and the last war’s problems and issues. The approaches and mechanisms we use when considering the past, the present, or the immediate future are inadequate for addressing the world of a generation, or generations ahead.

We believe that creativity can be a powerful force for shaping the future when properly focused and incentivized. That advancement – of technology, economics, education, medicine, and policy, resulting from the multitudinous flavors of human endeavor – is good. We believe that by offering and awarding prizes to defined challenges, and thereby recognizing exceptional achievements, the distant, cloudy crystal ball of the future can be brought closer and into focus. Not through coercion, regulation, nor expropriation, but through planning, recognition and reward. The first tenet of Intellagon is innovation incentives.

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