Japanese mobile operator DoCoMo has developed a ring that turns your finger into a phone receiver.

The ring Ubi-Wa, which in Japanese means ‘finger ring’ and ‘speak by finger’, converts speech sounds to vibrations, reports the online edition of BBC News.

These vibrations travel down the bone and into the ear canal, which obligingly turns them back into intelligible speech, it said.

In noisy places where you cannot hear who you are calling, you simply place the Ubi-Wa bearing finger in the ear, it said.

Unlike much research which remains as vapour-ware, this technology in mobiles actually works. Having tried it, the call clarity is impressive and it is simple to make and end calls, it said.

DoCoMo is continuing the development of the ring. As it shrinks, it will be too small to sport functioning buttons.

The solution is to tap out predefined rhythms with your thumb and the finger that is wearing the ring. Each unique rhythm carries out a different function. They call this UbiButton.

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