Presenting the hand-held laser guided bolt action aluminum potato rifle. Great photo.

Several summers ago (1996 I think) Ed Goldmann sat down and set out on a journey; He needed more, and proving the critics (His friends) wrong created the most advanced, automated, fastest loading and firing potato launcher known to exist! After a few trips to the bar with friends for design sessions on napkins with crayons (no joke!), and about 50 hours of solo design/ACADR12 work, the SP9004 was born.

The SGTC is not selling plans to make this anymore. I am considering making a new version of the plans that are easier and cheaper to make/cheaper for you to buy in the future.

Hence, the SP9004 now in true operating form, optimized over the past several years. Pure oxygen and propane fueled, laser sighted, bolt action, electrically controlled….This is one awesome piece of launching ordinance! It shoots spuds quite fast and is VERY cool looking. It is so cool looking Ed sent a picture to the feds (ATF) along with a letter querying the SP9004’s legality with the understanding it is for recreational launching of potato slugs only. Read the letters in the stories section of the site.

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