Michael Arrington:
There are a number of companies and/or products that I would like to write about but don’t exist. I’ve been keeping a list over the last few months and I am posting it now.

Some of these are big ideas, some small. Some could potentially receive venture backing, most wouldn’t. But I believe that a viable business could be built by an entrepreneur around any of these, and I will be happy to profile them if and when someone builds them. In a way, this is number 11 in my previously post “Top Ten Things You Can Do To Get Blogged“, but its also much more than that.

1. Better and Cheaper Online File Storage

2. Blog/website Email Lists

3. Portable Reputations

4. Tailored Local Offers (via RSS)

5. Facebook, in other countries

6. Free Music

7. Open Source Yellow Pages

8. Podcast Transcriptions

9. Decentralized Review Aggregation

10. Build Something Cool with SSE

Details here.