Chris Anderson:
On the occasion of today’s gruesome statistics on the continuing fall of newspapers, here’s an updated look at mainstream entertainment and media in decline:


  • Movie Box Office:
  • Down by 7% this year (tickets per capita have fallen every year since 2001).

  • Newspapers:
  • Circulation, which peaked in 1987, is declining faster than ever and is down another 2.6% so far this year.

  • Music:
  • Sales are down another 5.7% this year; although digital downloads (still just 6% of the business) are climbing nicely.

  • Radio:
  • Down 4% this year alone, continuing a multi-decade decline.

  • Books:
  • Down by 7% in 2004 (but see comments below for discussion)


  • DVDs:
  • Sales growth is slowing dramatically, from 29% last year to single digits this year.

  • TV:
  • Total viewership is still rising, but as channels proliferate and the audience fragments the rating of the average show continues to decline.

  • Magazines:
  • Ad revenues are up a bit although the number of ad pages is flat (they’re charging more per page). Circulation is also flat, while newsstand sales are at an all-time low.

  • Videogames:
  • It’s the final few months of the current generation of consoles, which tends to approach the trough of the buying cycle. Sales were down 20% in Sept, but will probably pick up by Christmas with the launch of the Xbox 360.


    Internet advertising:

  • Banners:
  • Up 10% this year

  • Keywords:
  • Google revenues up 96%

    More here.