Thing you can do to take care of your body during winter.

  • Drink in moderation. I know it can be hard, especially during the holidays, but the more you can limit your alcohol in take the less chance you have of getting sick.
  • Drink lots of water. A good idea for holiday parties is to substitute a bottle of water for every other drink. This cuts down on your alcohol intake and helps you get the extra water you need.
  • Wash your hands regularly. You’ll want to keep as clean as you can to avoid germs.
  • Keep your home and work space as clean as possible.
  • Avoid smoking. If you’re trying to quit, the winter months is a good time to start. Smoking (or second-hand smoke) greatly increases your chances of getting sick.
  • Take time out to relax. Try to keep some free time in your busy schedule for yourself. Winter can be stressful.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Bitters for digestion. If you’re planning on eating a lot during the holidays you might want to try a digestive aid such as some kind of bitters.
  • Detox or cleanse. This might be something you want to wait until after the holidays to start. A good cleanse can really leave you feeling better. I’ve done it a few times and my energy level has gone way up after and I’ve just felt lighter. My advice is to start slow and see if it’s right for you. You can find a cleansing kit at most specialty markets or various places online.
  • Get a flu shot.
  • Take your of vitamins. Stress and long days and nights can really deplete your body and lower your energy level. Vitamins can help.