Suzy Walker loves to share a meal with her husband, despite getting some strange looks.

"I think if they knew what I was doing they would probably enjoy it," said Walker.

says she stands by her man because he’s a doll. Literally. She has a
mannequin that eerily resembles her husband, a sailor on the USS West

"When I put the mustache on him, I couldn’t believe the resemblance," said Walker. "It’s incredible."

It’s the newlywed’s first separation, and Walker was looking for a way to get through the alone time.

was surfing EBay and I saw a sailor for sale," said Walker. "One day he
was used for a photo shoot in Washington, and I was the high bidder."

Walker bought her stand-in man for $200 and she takes him everywhere.

He’s been to the movie theater, Victoria’s Secret, and the gas station to buy lottery tickets.

The couple attracts lots of attention.

helps me pass the time while he’s gone," said Walker. "And knowing that
I’m making him a photo album so he really will know where I’ve been,
gives me a good feeling."

The mannequin weighs about 40 pounds.

Her husband, DB Walker, had no idea at first, but word quickly spread to the submarine, and he thinks it’s hilarious.

No word yet on when DB Walker will return home to Kingsland.

By Lindy Thackston

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