Key parts of a landmark paper from South Korea’s most renowned
stem-cell scientist were fabricated and the researcher is seeking to
have the work withdrawn, a close collaborator said on Thursday.

announcement brings to a head the growing controversy over the
groundbreaking work of Hwang Woo-suk, whose team at Seoul National
University published the first scientific paper on the cloning of a
human embryo in 2004 and the first dog earlier this year.

A U.S.
cloning and stem-cell expert who had lent his name and prestige to
Hwang’s work, Dr. Gerald Schatten of the University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center, earlier this week alleged there may have been
fabrications and asked to have his name taken off a study he
co-authored with Hwang.

On Thursday, Roh Sung-il, a hospital
administrator and specialist in fertility studies who worked directly
with Hwang, said his colleague had admitted there were fabrications in
a second study involving tailor-made human stem cells published in May
of this year.

"Professor Hwang admitted to fabrication," Roh said on South Korea’s MBC television.

told media nine of the 11 stem-cell lines that were part of the
tailored stem study paper were fabricated and the authenticity of the
other two was questionable.

By Cheon Jong-woo

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