The average cost of a Hollywood film was almost $64 million in 2004, nearly double the average cost from a decade earlier, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. But many films cost much more–the 25 we feature on our list of Hollywood’s Most Expensive Films averaged $182.9 million in production costs. And that average doesn’t account for marketing expenses, which can easily reach nine figures for a big release.

Yet despite the high costs, most of these films were ultimately successful. Foreign box office, DVD-sales and merchandising can do wonders for a film that grosses poorly in the U.S. Among the films on our list, only The 13th Warrior, an epic 1999 flop starring Antonio Banderas, didn’t report a worldwide gross that was higher than its production costs.

To determine which Hollywood flicks had the biggest budgets of all, we turned to The Burbank, Calif.-based online box-office tracker provided us with production budget estimates. Unfortunately, reported marketing budgets are far less reliable, which forced us to exclude these figures altogether.

Here’s the  list of Hollywood’s Most Expensive Films.