The business world is a rough playground.  The people you most depend on end up working against you.  Your best layed plans self-destruct right before your eyes.  You find yourself constantly working outside of your comfort zone, your stomach is constantly churning, and at the end of a tough day, you pace the hallways too stressed to sleep.  You just want to scream.  The answer to your problems can be found at the Business Energetics Boot Camp on Saturday, January 21st.

Over the past few years we have put together some very significant educational events.  But none of them had the potential to change your life so completely in one day.

Life is too short to live this kind of life.  What’s the use?  It would be so much easier to just throw in the towel.

If this sounds like you, help is just a boot camp away.  But more importantly, the help you seek will come from within.

The stresses in business are best managed by the way you react to them. Conditioning your mind to feed off the energies of confrontation instead of falling victim to them will dramatically change your life.  Your emotional triggers can be reprogrammed to work to your advantage.  Your non-conscious mind can be used to drive your physical and emotional energies at a much higher level, feeding not only yourself but also everyone you come in contact with. 

Join us and learn how Business Energetics can give you back the freedom to control your own life.

EVENT:  Business Energetics Boot Camp
DATE:  January 21, 2005
TIMES:  9:00 am – 3:00 pm

LOCATION:  DeVry University, 1870 W. 122nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234
DIRECTIONS: Click here for map

INSTRUCTOR:  Jonathan Manske"The phenomenal life guy"

COST:  $149 – ($99 for DaVinci Institute Members) – Register here. 
COMBO PACKAGE:  Membership combined with Online Auction Boot Camp:  $199 – Register here. *
PHONE:  303-666-4133

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We can learn some very valuable things from quantum physics and other cutting edge sciences that are very applicable to the day to day world of our businesses and careers.  When Columbus sailed west, he shattered the flat earth paradigm and in the process revolutionized world trade and colonization.  We operate out of many paradigms today that are equally erroneous as "the flat earth".  Science has shown us the "light" yet we have not changed our ways.  A great example of this is the observer effect.  What happens inside our heads absolutely influences what happens "out there" yet this nugget of truth is typically ignored.

What we will be doing is examining some of these scientific discoveries and then making the leap to applying them to our businesses and careers.  The end result being: you will begin to understand the effects of energy (the substance of the universe) in your business and environment, learn about the relationship between your non conscious and success, learn how to neurally recondition yourself to succeed, and begin to make the distinction between what is conceptual and what is real.  People almost always default to conceptual ideas about what they really want which will leave them frustrated and unfulfilled, getting everything they never wanted.  When someone gets clear on what is real for them, they will have passion, purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction.
You have probably heard the success adage about not only working in your business but also making time to work on your business.  But, it does not matter how much you work on your business if the one doing the work, you, is not conditioned to succeed.  So, let’s get you primed and ready to succeed, to power your business from within.

INSTRUCTOR – Jonathan Manske

Jonathan Manske, a human dynamics specialist, assists people and organizations to get more of what is really important to them into their business, careers and or organizations. Often the first step of this is creating clarity about what is really important because conceptual thinking frequently overshadows true desire.  When this happens, good ideas take precedence over passion, purpose and meaning which results in dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment.
Jonathan’s passion, assisting people to create phenomenal lives for themselves, began in college when he looked around one day and saw how many people did not like their jobs.  "That’s crazy,"  he said, "Why are these people doing that to themselves when so many other options exist?"  That got him curious about how does one go about creating a great life for him or herself?  Since then he’s been adding tools to his tool bag in order to assist people to create phenomenal lives for themselves.  When he works with an individual or organization, he is always surprised at just how good it can get.