I’m sure most of you realize this. Waking up feeling refreshed is not a
matter of how much you sleep. It’s about waking up in the correct stage
of your sleep cycle.

Here’s a great article explaining sleep cycle in detail. In short, if you want to wake up feeling refreshed, aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock can help.

use, simply put on the wireless wristband, set the time you need to
wake up no matter what, and the aXbo alarm clock will attempt to detect
the right time to wake you up, within a specified time window (e.g. 30

The obvious advantage over similar products like SleepTracker,
is that the alarm won’t get muffled when you tuck your hands under the
pillow. The aXbo also runs on mains and/or batteries, eliminating the
problem of the alarm running out of juice in the middle of the night.
And as a bonus, the aXbo also comes with 3 sleep-inducing melodies
which automatically stop when aXbo notices that you’re asleep.

The aXbo alarm clock is available for pre-order
now. If your sleep’s worth more than €199 (US$244), then the aXbo alarm
clock is for you!


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