Tokyo man living with 10 women claims spell incantation makes him
irresistable to women. Woman claims his incantation runs along the
lines of "move in with me or I’ll beat you up"

A middle-aged Tokyo man found to be living with 10 younger women
said he attracted them by reciting an incantation that came to him in a

The 57-year-old man’s unusual living arrangements came to
light when another woman complained to police that he had threatened
her after she refused to join his harem, Kyodo news agency said on

"I had a dream that told me I would become attractive
to women if I recited a particular incantation," it quoted the man as

A rapid series of weddings and divorces left the man
with a large group of ex-wives, mostly in their 20s and 30s, who shared
his surname and continued to live with him.

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