We take a look at the evolution of controllers from the days of Atari to Revolution.

If you approach any avid gamer, and ask him or her what they like best
about video games in this time and age, there is a fairly good chance
they will respond with something relating to either graphics, or
gameplay. While those two criteria’s are very important to the creation
of good video games, we often ignore, and neglect the main aspect that
changed the way video games were played. I am of course referring to
the main method of input in video games, the controller.

Since the dawn of video games, we’ve seen controllers ranging from
numeric pads, to wireless, rumble emitting, ergonomic controllers. Some
have been utter failures, while others have seen runaway success.
However, with any successful product, its features and design will be
mimicked in the hope of similar success. Thus through countless of
variations of previous controllers we have arrived at what we hold and
use today.

To show you how video game controllers have evolved from its
primitive state, to their modern form, we have compiled an interactive
chart of controllers ranging from the days of Atari, to the newest
innovation in controllers, the Nintendo Revolution controller.

By Sud Koushik

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