Upcoming Event: What is the Participation Age? We are in a
transition from the Information Age to the Participation Age. In the
Information Age, information itself was at the center of the stage and
its creation and control was of paramount importance in technology.

In the Participation Age,
information does not take center stage – human interaction does. The
Participation Age is built on a model of networked human beings who
share, interact and solve problems. This participation creates ideas,
information, opportunities, entertainment, and value – both social and
economic – everywhere on the network.

EVENT: Night with a Futurist
DATE: February 6, 2006
TIME: 6:30-9:00 pm
WEBSITE: www.nightwithafuturist.com
LOCATION: CB & Potts, 1257 W 120th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234
DIRECTIONS: Click here
COST: Free for Members, all others $25
PHONE: 303-666-4133
TOPIC: "Eco-responsible Computing in the Participation Age"
What is Eco-reponsible computing in the Participation Age?

participation depends upon technology that is environmentally and
economically sustainable. Wealthy and poor nations alike can
ill-afford to invest in equipment that is inefficient, polluting, or
literally too hot to handle.

Eco-responsibility in the IT user
spectrum can be more than meeting compliance directives. Creation of
sustainable network computing models enable sustainable IT services
that bring humans and their ideas together while simultaneously
reducing power usage, heat output and waste. Faster can be cooler,
better can be cleaner, cheaper can be greener … with 350 million new
people participating in the network in the next two years, the time is
now to mitigate the pressures on our natural networks and social

SPEAKER: Bruce Ricketts
leads the Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc. Services Organization. His
team provides support, education, and client solution services delivery
for the U.S. Federal market. Prior to his current position, Bruce was
the Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President of World Wide Sun
Services, and led the Education Services business for the Americas.

received his Bachelor of Science from the United States Naval Academy
in 1983 and earned his MBA from Virginia Tech in 1995.

SPEAKER: Clif Harald
is the Colorado Public Affairs Manager for Sun Microsystems. He
manages Sun’s government relations and public policy agenda, and
oversees the company’s statewide philanthropic activities. Clif also
coordinates Sun’s public relations efforts as they relate to government
and community initiatives.

A native of Colorado and a 30-year
resident of Boulder, Clif’s professional experience prior to Sun
includes executive positions with area chamber and economic development
organizations, and project management for an economic consultancy and a
Denver-based investment banking firm. He holds a Master’s degree in
Urban Planning from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s
degree from CU.

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