Peter Skidmore, a program manager from Seattle, has officially come up with the best idea since sliced bread.

Skidmore is the winner of a contest, organized by Service Employees International Union,
in which he competed against 22,000 other innovators who were vying for
the honor. Skidmore’s plan to impose a tax on polluters to pay for the
development of local renewable energy and environmental restoration got
him the $100,000 grand prize in Since Sliced Bread.

"I’m going to use it wisely," said Skidmore, who worked for a decade
as a consultant in environmental restoration. "I really want to put my
money where my mouth is and use the money to on some level promote this
idea. (I want to) use it wisely and never have regrets about how I
spent it."

After several rounds of public voting the 20 judges chose Skidmore’s
idea based on originality, feasibility and the possible impact of the
idea on the American economy. This year’s contest is the first of its
kind, and organizers have yet to determine whether they will hold
future Since Sliced Bread competitions.

Skidmore said his theory is rooted in a belief that we are squandering our children’s natural resources.


David Cohn

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