Looking for an unusual experience? Da
Vinci Capers invites you to re-live the life of da Vinci and explore a variety of
creative activities in Tuscany – the
heart of Italy and birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci’s principles (as described by Michael J. Gelb, How
to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
) form the structure of this program. They are the keys to experiencing new creative adventures.

But, Leonardo is not the only person holding the keys – the teachers are
local and native Italians and are extremely talented. They have published,
exhibited, cooked around the world … and now, they will give you the gift
of their talent and Italian spirit. These are the best of the best!

And if you listen carefully, you will hear the jingle of keys in your
own pocket. An open mind and a willingness to experience the unknown
will put you on the path of a personal Renaissance journey …

Ignite old passions, unveil new talents, and dance under the
stars! Have some fun! This is not a tour – it’s an

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