What do you get when you add music to your exoskeleton device? Strange music for sure. Great photos.

The GypsyMIDI
is a unique performance instrument for motion-capture midi control,
featuring extensive customization to enable a wide range of musical and
visual applications. Setup and operation is simple, intuitive and

The suit is modeled on the human skeletal form using rotational sensors placed on the joints. The GypsyMIDI simply plugs into a MIDI interface and arm movements are converted into a real-time stream of MIDI data. The mapping interface eXo-software
allows the user to define how the movements are translated into MIDI
control, including the ability to trigger notes, generate continuous
control commands or even play scales.

Software included with the suit lets the user control any MIDI-enabled program including Cubase, Live, Logic Audio, ProTools, MotionBuilder, Reason, Traktor DJ Studio
and any VST instrument or effect. Real-time control of sliders,
cross-faders, and buttons allows many parameters such as volume, filter
cut-off & resonance to be manipulated instantly.


  • Extremely easy to set-up and operate.
  • Light, comfortable, and robust.
  • Intuitive to wear.
  • Works with any MIDI-enabled software & hardware.
  • Auto-calibration input setup.
  • Quantitative control as well as trigger control.
  • Up to 54 (27 per arm) controller changes at one time.
  • Extensive Presets Library.
  • Dj presets.
  • Switch presets easily during performance
  • Design new templates in minutes.
  • Control sound and visuals simultaneously.
  • Use at studio, night clubs or even outdoors.
  • eXo available for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Works with MotionBuilder.
  • Technical support via email & telephone
  • Built with 10 years of experience from animation industry.

GypsyGyro-18 and Gypsy4Gypsy
3D motion capture products are available to suit most applications and
most budgets – from our top of the range GypsyGyro-18 to our
entry-level Gypsy Torso. Capable of supporting up to 16 actors
simultaneously, the Gypsy range is designed to grow as your needs grow.
Integrating effortlessly with each other and with other systems, you
can rely on the Gypsy range to offer you the right solutions whenever
you need them.










Gypsy Torso

for upper body use. All the features of the Gypsy 4 except walking.
Ideal for real-time performance, exhibitions, events and smaller
budgets. Upgradeable to Gypsy 4.

The most affordable
motion capture system from Gypsy. Perfect for live animation,
exhibitions, events, and 3d animation artists on a budget. An upper
body only system that exports bvh data for use in all major software
packages such as, 3ds Max, Maya, Xsi Lightwave, Poser, Lifeforms, and
the Motionbuilder family from Alias.

3 Torso versions are available:

  • Standard Torso – Wired with no inertial gyroscope.
  • Torso-360 Wired – With inertial gyroscope.
  • Torso360 Wireless – With inertial gyroscope and roaming range (Pictured). 

the lowest priced full body motion capture system available, the Gypsy4
is sleek, lightweight and flexible. It is the ideal tool for animators
on a budget, and for those wishing to teach the concepts of motion
capture – its uses in animation and for human movement analysis. The
Gypsy4 allows a good flow of data enabling large numbers of users
access to motion capture technology.

Using 43 sensors placed around 17 human joints, the Gypsy system accurately records the rotational motion of the actor’s bones.

Gypsy4 Back
Gypsy4 Detail
Gypsy4 Arm

Gypsy4 Features and Benefits:

  • Enormous Capture Area — Capture motion data wherever you need to – indoors or out.
  • Portable — Can be moved easily from location to location and is designed for laptop capture.
  • Multi-actor system — Up to 16 individual actors can be captured at the same time.
  • Distortion free — No optical occlusions, no marker swapping, no magnetic interference.
  • True real-time mocap — The only systems in the world with no detectable lag.
  • Live performance animation — Proven tool for real-time performance and live events. Perform and capture wherever you need to.
  • Robust — — With 3 previous versions and 8 years of development, the Gypsy4 is proven and reliable.
  • Native BVH support — Small and easy to use. Save time and effort in data transfer. Supported by all major 3d animation packages.
  • Excellent SDK
    — Tailor the Gypsy for your own needs using our software developer’s
    kit. Write your own plug-ins or use the 30 unused wireless channels for
    your specific requirements.
  • New Software — Even greater global accuracy through precise footstep calculations.
  • Tough — Lightweight and durable.
  • Affordable — The world’s lowest priced

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