Today’s top Internet strategy is figuring out ways to get people to click on the ads on your website. Google AdSense is paying some huge paychecks to the people who garner the most click-throughs. So it makes good sense to begin creating strategies around optimizing the click-through rate, regardless of whether you’re posting or hosting the ad.

1. Use reverse psychology on your ads. You
could tell people not to click on your ad. For
example "Don’t Click Here If You Are Comfortable
With Your Looks"

2. Make your ad words as attractive as
possible. Use words like ultimate, powerful, sizzling,
hot, etc. Your words should relate and highlight
your total offer.

3. Offer a discount offer on your ad. People
are always looking for good deals. You could offer
a percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one get
one free discount, etc.

4. Use a testimonial in your ad. This’ll give
people proof they aren’t wasting their time clicking
on your banner ad. The testimonial should include
enough information so they understand the offer.

5. You could have a famous and respectable person
on your ad representing your product, web
site or service. People will click because they’ll trust
them over you.

6. Use a strong guarantee in your ad. You
could include the guarantee as a headline for your
offer. It could read double or triple your money back
guarantee, lifetime your money back guarantee, etc.

7. Tell people to click on your ad. Newbies
to the internet may net even know they can click on
ads. Just having the phrase "click here" on your
ad will increase your clickthroughs.

8. You could advertise a trial or sample offer. This
will tell people there is no risk or obligation if they
click on your ad and try out your product or

9. Tell people the major benefit of your product, web
site or service on your ad. It could be benefits
like make money, lose weight, increase energy, save
money, save time, etc.

10. You could advertise a free offer on your ad. People love free stuff. The freebie should relate
to your target audience. If the freebie is attractive
to them they will click.

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