A new ice cream vending machine from MooBella isn’t a simple fridge packed with Eskimo Pies. It’s an ice cream factory that makes a fresh scoop in less than two minutes.

Making ice cream the traditional way is an agonizingly slow process of
constantly stirring the chilled ingredients to prevent the formation of
large ice crystals. But MooBella skips this hassle by flash-freezing a
thin film of tiny ice crystals and scraping it together into a custom

food courts throughout the Boston metropolitan area, MooBella’s ice
cream machines have been drawing crowds of consumers who like their
frozen treats made-to-order. The design, which received extensive usability
testing, leads consumers through the process of choosing a flavor,
selecting a mix-in (if desired), and choosing either a premium or more
calorie conscious mix.

the machine makes a satiating scoop from scratch in about 30 seconds.
First-time users seem equally delighted by their fresh ice cream and
the interactive experience. Rumor has it that the best choice is  MooBella’s banana and mocha ice cream with nuts and
chocolate chips on top, respectively!


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