House-in-a-box is designed
to provide complete affordable housing that assembles
in less than a week on a person’s property.

, has developed a fully air-conditioned and heated pre-fabricated
home with 2 bedrooms, living-dining area, kitchen, bathroom,
and a loft area that can be shipped just about anywhere
a 18,000 lb. cargo container can go.
Patterned after
a Western style cottage the (900 sq.ft.) house measures
20′ x 27′ and can be arranged with one large bedroom
or two smaller ones. The upper floor (360 sq.ft.) is
a functional loft. With an insulated pitched roof rated
at R24.39 and walls at R24.39 Floors R24.39, and windows
double glazed, the house performs well in hot or cold
weather climates. Living area can be doubled to 1400
sq. ft. by joining two House-in-a-box’s together.

House in a box uses
structural insulated panels. This perfected technology
can lower energy costs for a new home owners by as much
as 20%… as compared to homes constructed using other
The side and roof panels are inter-locked and when sealed together attribute greatly
to its insulation properties.


The House arrives
completely pre-wired (100 amps.), all power outlets,
electrical panel, and switches, ready to be hooked
up to the local power source for immediate use. Wood
grain interior kitchen cabinets and basin style kitchen
sinks are included.
All required plumbing,
toilet facilities, and a complete bathroom unit containing
a full bathtub are incorporated into the housing design.
Screws, caulking guns, finishing materials etc.
are shipped with the House.
All models can
be fully installed and habitable in one week or less.

Stages of Assembly