Companies are once again hiring more people than they’re firing, so
now’s the time to consider your options. Here’s what some major employers have to offer.

Geting a job after the dotcom bust was extremely difficult. For several years now the job market in the corporate world has been very soft. Employees inside these companies haven’t wanted to change jobs because there was no where for them to go. As a result, many felt trapped, prisoners of their own desire to have a stabe income.

But that was then and this is now. As the job market improves, corporations turn their attention to emplyee retention. The prison door have swung open and more than a few may get "happy feet".

Here’s what some major employers are doing.

Microsoft Campus

Redmond, Washington
Size: 355 acres
Employees on campus: 28,000
Signature benefit: Paid time off for volunteering
Foosball, Ping-Pong, Xbox consoles stashed in alcoves, 2,800 original
works of art, free beverages, whale-watching excursions, 25 cafeterias,
Starbucks stands, private lake, baseball diamond, soccer field,
volleyball courts, campus shuttle, office movie day
Sample lunch menu: Roast chicken with olive tapenade marinade, corn and green chile bisque, smoked ham and mozzarella stromboli
Campus news: Company theater troupe (past productions include Return to the Forbidden Planet and The Comedy of Errors)

Electronic Arts

Redwood City, California
Size: 30 acres
Employees on campus: 1,700
Signature benefit: Paid week off at Christmas for all employees
Perks: Onsite chiropractor, coupons for free games, sand volleyball court, garden labyrinth, videogame library
Sample lunch menu: Grilled habanero pork chops with apple chutney, cole slaw, and herb-roasted Yukon potatoes
Campus news:
Extra dough for workers who burned the midnight oil, should company
lose the pending employee class action concerning overtime pay

Beaverton, Oregon
Size: 175 acres
Employees on campus: 5,000
Signature benefit: Scholarships for children of employees
Perks: Tennis lessons
Sample lunch menu: Picabo Street PB&J sandwich
Campus news: Deep discounts on Nike gear

Rahway, New Jersey
Size: 210 acres
Employees on campus: 4,300
Signature benefit: Cable TV in the cafeteria
Perks: Onsite auto repair, day care, laundry service, and dry-cleaning facilities, full-service company bakery, professional massage
Sample lunch menu: Vegetable tortellini, red hot and blue turkey burger, four-bean chili
Campus news: Free Merck drugs included in health plan

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Emeryville, California
Size: 21 acres
Employees on campus: 700
Signature benefit:
Pixar University, a series of in-house classes featuring guest speakers
like director David Russell, animator Ray Harryhausen, and magicians
Penn and Teller.
Perks: Free film screenings, Friday happy hour, soccer team, running trail
Sample lunch menu: Fried prawns with tartar sauce and cole slaw, prime rib with mashed potatoes
Campus news:
The Love Lounge, a card room accessed through a utility access panel,
and Club 441, another lounge, which employees enter by pushing a
Shakespeare bust just like the one in the old Batman TV series. It opens a door disguised as a bookcase.

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Mountain View, California
Size: 22 acres
Employees on campus: 850
Signature benefit: Engineers get salaried time to work on pet projects.
Perks: Free meals, onsite massage, communal bikes, shoreline running trails, grand piano
Sample lunch menu: Grilled petite New York sirloin seasoned with Creole spices and Crescent City steak sauce and served with organic onion rings
Campus news: Restrooms are outfitted with robotic toilets with seat warmers and built-in bidets.

Thousand Oaks, California
Size: 130 acres
Employees on campus: 7,000
Signature benefit: $10K a year tuition reimbursement
Free snacks, discounts at local amusement parks, two-story fitness
facility with hot tub and indoor rock-climbing wall, farmer’s market
Sample lunch menu: Halibut with pico de gallo sauce and Southwestern slaw, pasta shells with chicken, mushrooms, and escarole
Campus news: Summer "fermentation seminars" (aka free beer on Fridays)