Here’s a super-cool idea brought to you by the guy who created the Budweiser frogs commercial. Parking Stripes are a unique way to turn a dry, dull parking lot into a colorful advertising space.

Why would an advertisers want to use parking lots to
increase sales? That’s where the consumers are! The audience is captive
and they are walking wallets in the mood to spend all that disposable

Parking Stripes® were
used to promote Pepsi Lime.

Parking lots are a previously untapped near point-of-sale
medium. Parking Stripes® communicate visual impressions
that influence consumer purchase behavior prior to entering
an establishment. Over 60% of all consumer purchases
are impulse in nature.†
Parking Stripe® Advertising is the only company to recognize
this enormous opportunity to enable corporations to
gain a decisive marketing advantage.

Using our proprietary technology, PSA has developed
a durable process that is easy to apply, meets advertisers’
requirements to reproduce high resolution graphics,
and can stand up to nearly anything Mother Nature can
throw its way. No other advertising medium gets this
close and is this accurate in pinpointing a company’s
target market. This gives advertisers an enormous advantage
resulting in increased sales and less wasted advertising
mediums such as billboards, print, radio and television.

The age of mass marketing
is over. Brands are hungry to connect with consumers,
whether it is to create brand awareness, educate
the consumer about a new product, or encourage
the consumer to try the product, ultimately creating
a transaction. Connecting with consumers is becoming
increasingly challenging in a fast-paced, distracting,
do-not-call-list marketing environment.

Halliburton and Ford leveraged their sponsorship
at Race for the Cure by placing Parking Stripes®
at the starting and finish lines of the race cource.
The stripes were viewed with positive reaction by
over 63,000 participants.
Parking Stripes® are slip-resistant, fully insured,
printed vinyl which cover existing painted parking stripes.
The adhesive firmly bonds Parking Stripes® to the
existing painted stripe, yet can be removed without damaging
the surface. Parking Stripe® Advertising messages
are unobtrusive from public right away areas, yet highly

Home Depot was the first
to take advantage of Parking Stripe® Advertising
in their parking lots.

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