A crazy new product out of Taiwan seems to be aimed at the feed
dependent of us out there. The ‘rsstroom reader’ is a bathroom gadget
that prints news feeds onto your T-P – that’s right, your TOILET PAPER!

The best part is the "biometrics" toilet seat that’ll figure out who
you are based on your weight and prints the news you want – not your
roommates tabloid garbage. Going to the rsstroom will never be boring
again! Here’s the scoop:

"At a press conference, Yi Tien Electronics unveiled the rsstroom reader™,
an rss reader for the restroom which prints directly to toilet tissue
through RapidResolution® inkjet technology. Complete with wireless
connectivity, the rsstroom reader™
will print out up to the minute articles from rss 2.0 and atom
newsfeeds. Configurable via web browser*, the rsstroom reader™ can be
set up to output an unlimited number of feeds in either sequential,
alternating, or random mode. Included with the rsstroom reader™
deluxe package is the biometric seat which allows for customized feed
output based on the unique features of users. The biometric seat also
allows for tracking & printing the progress of your weight-loss

Yi Tien Electronics also announced the future availability of a commercial version of the rsstroom reader™,
a more robust model intended for installation in public restrooms. The
commercial model allows advertisers to place customized messages
targeted to a specific audience through Yi Tien Electronics’ online
subscription service."

* rsstroom reader™ control panel requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher on PC or Mac