ATIZ has developed an automatic book scanner that is of a somewhat-reasonable size. There are a couple other automatic book scanners out there but they are huge machines according to Art Sarasin, president of ATIZ. This machine uses a page-turning mechanism.

It connects via USB 2.0 and all you do is designate how many pages you want to scan and it does the rest of the work. If you want the ease of this, you will have to pay for it. They are currently taking a preorders and it will be available next month for a hefty $35,000.


BookDrive will digitize bound content in a variety of formats allowing the user to share and archive bound materials.

It is just like any traditional flatbed scanners that you are familiar with, but BookDrive is unique in that it has an automatic page-turning mechanism inside. Simply entering the number of pages you want to scan, BookDrive then automatically outputs the entire content of the scanned book in a digital format without requiring constant supervision and interference.

With patent-pending technology only offered by BookDrive, book digitization suddenly becomes an effortless task. Almost all of the book scanning costs are now gone! You will never have to manually turn pages again.

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